About me

I am a composer and musician of Scottish and Bulgarian origin based in Munich, Germany. I enjoy working in a number of spheres, ranging from classical music to rock, traditional and jazz. I love both writing and performing music and have a great love of all sorts of theatrical performances – opera, musicals, “normal” theatre, elaborate stage shows. I can’t say I have a specific “way of writing music”, but I’m pretty sure that my influences show in what I do – I love Balkan music, Mussorgsky, New Orleans Rhythm and Blues, Oriental Music, Church Music, Daft Punk, Liszt and many more. I love music and concerts that let me have an intense emotional experience, so hopefully that’s what my music also achieves. My main instrument is the piano, which I have been playing since I was 5, but I also play bass guitar, sing and enjoy playing synthesizers. I am fascinated by different cultures’ approaches to music and regularly dive into a genre or tradition of music that I don’t know, which I feel broadens my horizons and gives me new “tools of the trade”. In the turbulent times that we live, I believe that my responsibility as an artist is to transcend ideological and political divisions in our society and communicate with people through what I do – I think that this aspect of art is probably one of the most important to me.

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